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Super Urecoat Industries was established in 1987 by Dr. Kirit Patel (M.sc., Ph. D.) with his own technology with capacity of 100 MT / annum for producing Tetra-n-butyl titanate. Now Super Urecoat Industries has capacity of about 720 MT / annum.

In 1987 started only with tetra-n-butyl titanate, but within span of only 3 years; company had started manufacturing full range of titanate viz., Tetra n butyl titanate, Tetra Iso propyl titanate, Butyl titanate Polymer, Additive 101, Additive 113/2, Additive 113/3, Iso stearoyl titanate, Tri ethanolamine titanate, Titanium acetyl acetonate (TAA -65), Titanium acetyl acetonate (TAA -75) and many more to serve printing ink and coating industries.

After the amalgamation of Sikane into Super Urecoat Industries, apart from organic titanates, now the full range of products also includes Phenol blocked Polyisocyanates, PU varnishes, PU prepolymers, and polyester resins which find applications in wire enamel industries and PU coatings.

The manufacturing unit is approved by Gujarat Pollution control Board (GPCB) and has zero effluent generation.

The company has highly motivated team consisting of about 30 highly qualified & experienced personnel, 3 engineers, 3 highly qualified chemists, and two doctorates (for Quality assurance and R&D)


The company has good environment-friendly infrastructure with most modern manufacturing and testing facilities. The infrastructure and production facilities include various glass lined reactors, evaporators, hot oil generator, hot water generator, chilling plants, cooling towers, Nitrogen generation plant and vacuum pumps. The company also has large and isolated storage tanks for storing hazardous solvents. The production and maintenance is supervised by Mr. Mehul Patel [B.E.] who has more than 4 years of experience in the field of titanates and blocked polyisocyanates.

Plant Capacities

700 MT/annum (Organic titanates)
600 MT/annum (Blocked Isocyanates)
200 MT/annum (PU varnishes & prepolymers
200 MT/annum (Polyester resins)
The company has well developed in-house computerized laboratory to ensure quality control and as well as uniformity in the end product properties. The various sophisticated testing instruments include Gas Chromatography, UV-Vis Spectrometer, Potentiometer, Karl Fisher system, P.H. Meter, Brookfield Viscometer, Vibroshaker, Ford Cup, Ovens, furnances and high quality precision weighing scales.

Vision And Mission Statement

Super Urecoat Industries has the vision of expanding network of customer by adding few more countries on its list by providing better quality and timely delivery to customer. The highly motivated team at Super Urecoat Industries will always be eager to partner with their customers to understand their needs and is persistently craving to deliver customized solutions to them. Internally, we always seek to cultivate and maintain team work and motivated environment among employees. Additionally, as a part of corporate community, we try to set and meet social and ethical standards of highest level.


The R & D Team at Super Urecoat Industries is headed by two doctorates: Dr. Kirit S. Patel [M.Sc., Ph.D.] & Dr. Sarthak K. Patel [M.Tech., Ph.D. (Canada)].

The Research team is continuously working hard to meet following major objectives:
Improve the quality of the existing products by introducing latest state-of-art technologies as and when required
Produce product at competitive prices
Providing technical support to all customers
Expand the range of products with different applications to serve other allied industries.

Many exciting projects are under pipeline to develop products and/or additives especially for paint industries.

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