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Quality products are always appreciated worldwide in any community. Hence, quality control is the foremost tool towards achieving complete customer satisfaction. Consequently, we at Super Urecoat Industries implement strict quality control measures. The Quality control Department is headed by two doctorates: Dr. Kirit S. Patel [M.Sc., Ph.D.] & Dr. Sarthak K. Patel [M.Tech., Ph.D. (Canada)]. All our products are manufactured under quality control policies like quality assurance which works under the philosophy of prevention and hence involves testing of intermediates at regular stages and intervals.

We also follow the specifications set forth by some of the renowned organizations like American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) for final product testing.

The company has well developed in-house computerized laboratory to ensure quality control and as well as uniformity in the end product properties. The various sophisticated testing instruments include Gas Chromatography, UV-Vis Spectrometer, Potentiometer, Karl Fisher system, P.H. Meter, Brookfield Viscometer, Vibroshaker, Ford Cup, Ovens, furnances and high quality precision weighing scales.
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