Additive -113/2

Solvent Resin Enamel with water dispersed there in.Water is added as a part of evaporative vehicle. This water dispersed enamel has longer shelf life. This additive provides aerosol sprayable water in oil emulsion glass enamel composition. This additive prevents pigment flocculation during storage.

Additive-113/2 is not a simple emulsifier but it is coupling agent incorporated into it.

This titanium derived coupling agent gives hydrophobic nature to the pigment particles. Electrical balance of the polar pigment in wet enamel is maintained. This inhibits flocculation of pigment in clusters of enormous size which is the main reason for loss of gloss and hiding power of enamel.

Additive-113/2 can work for any solvent soluble film forming resins which are preferred for water in oil emulsion system. Following resins can be used along with Additive-113/2.

  • Vinyl toluene modified alkyd resins.
  • Acrylic modified alkyd resins.
  • Styrene modified alkyd resins.
  • Aromatic hydrocarbon resins.
  • Acrylic/Vinyl Toluene modified Alkyd resins.
  • Cost savings due to lower cost of water compared to organic solvent.
  • Hazards and cost of unneeded flammable solvent reduced.