Super Urecoat Industries manufactures a wide range of Organic titanates (Titanium alkoxides, condensed titanium alkoxides, titanium chelates and many more titanium derivatives). Apart from these, we are also one of the largest manufactures of Blocked Polyisocyanates, Polyurethane resins for Printing Inks, PU varnishes, PU prepolymers, and Polyester resins..

Organic Titanates and their derivatives find following major applications:
  • Esterification and Transesterification catalysts(e.g., plasticizer industries)
  • Crosslinking agents for wire enamels
  • Coupling agents for fillers in plastic industries
  • Adhesion promoters for Printing Inks
  • Paints and Coatings

Blocked Polyisocyanates find following major applications:

  • Combination binder in wire enamels
  • Coil impregnating and Fabric impregnating varnishes
  • Polyester and Polyurethane varnishes
  • Polyurethane Coatings

We manufacture Plasticizing as well as film forming grades of Polyurethane Resins which are suitable for manufacturing solvent-based NC/PU or Pure PU inks respectively for gravure and flexo printing inks for surface printing as well as laminating inks. Our resins are completely TDI-free, Tin-free, MEK-free and Toluene-free.

Polyurethanes varnishes (Class “F” Insulating varnish) are mainly used in fibre glass sleeving. PU prepolymers and Polyester resins are used in various polyurethane industries.
Our major products are categorized and listed based on their applications. Please note that the following list only shows major regular products manufactured at our plant site, while apart from these other titanate-based and polyurethane-based products are also available as per customer’s requirements and hence feel free to contact us for your specific requirements. The specifications and MSDS of these products are only available on request.

Printing inks – Polyurethane resins

(A) Plasticizing grades

(B) Film-forming grades

Dispersing Agents