Butyl Titanate Polymer (Super BTP)

Additive-101 is a colorless to pale yellow solution of titanium complex. It does not contain acetylacetonate. Additive-101 was developed to meet the printing industry requirement of a low odor/low color adhesion promoter.

Additive-101 is useful as a low color generating adhesion promoter in solvent-based printing ink with nitrocellulose/polyurethane (NC/PU) or nitrocellulose/polyamide (NC/PA) resin systems. Additive-
101 is most effective when used at 2 – 4% level in the printing ink.

Property : Value : Unit :
Appearance Colorless to pale Yello Liquid
Ti Content 8.6 ± 0.1 %
Specific gravity @ 25 o C 1.00 ± 0.01
% Solid (120 o C @1Hr.) 52 ± 2 %

1. Printing ink additive to improve adhesion, heat stability and other chemical resistance properties.

2. Low Odour, Low Colour generation adhesion promoter for solvent-based printing ink

3. Cross-linking agent in polymeric binder to increase the rate of curing