ISO Stearoyl Titanate (Super ISTT)

Coupling agents are molecular bridges at the interface between two dissimilar substrates, such as an inorganic/organic filler, fiber or pigment and an organic polymer matrix, Titanium derived coupling agents react with free protons at the inorganic/organic interface, resulting in the formation of organic monomolecular layers on the inorganic or organic surface. Typically, titanate-treated inorganics are hydrophobic organophilic and organofunctional and therefore, exhibit enhanced dispersibility, bonding and chemical interaction with the polymer or organic phase, when used in filled polymers, they improve impact strength, exhibit melt viscosity lower than that of virgin polymer, at inorganic loadings above 50 per cent, and enhance maintenance of mechanical properties during aging, when the pigment particulate is monolayered with coupling agent, water and air contained on and within the pigment are removed and replaced by polymer, thereby making the composite moisture and void free. Therefore it eliminates the source or site of various mechanical property depleting mechanisms, such as aging, corrosion, loss of electrical properties, etc., in pigmented, filled and reinforced polymer composites and elastomers.

Titanate surface modifiers contain hydrolysable – OR groups (where R is an alkyl radical such as iso propyl) which can condense with reactive groups on the filler surface, and between hydrophobic substituents which interact with the polymer matrix

Titanates are thought to chemically bond to surface hydroxyl groups of fillers, the hydrophobic substituents on the titanate modifying the properties of the filler surface.

ISTT has been developed by Super Urecoat as a surface modifier for inorganic fillers. It is dark reddish brown Liquid.

Application Areas

  • Titanate Coupling Agents (SUPER ISTT) can either be used for coating on minerals or can be directly mixed while compounding with polymer- processing.
  • Titanate Coupling Agents (SUPER ISTT) should be of great interest to the manufacturers of coating on precipitated and micronised dry calcium carbonate, Barium Sulphate, Carbon Black, Talc, Calcined Clay, China clay, Zinc Oxide, Titanium Dioxide, Magnesium Oxide, Colloidal Silica, High Surface Silica, Aluminum Silicate, Calcium Meta Silicate and all Classical minerals. Titanate Coupling Agent (SUPER ISTT) can be directly mixed while compounding with polymer processing (Flexible or Rigid) like PP, PVC, ABS, HDPE, Polyesters and Polyolefins.