Titanium Acetyl Acetonate (Super TAA – 75)

Super TAA –75 is a titanium chelate of di-iso-propoxytitanium bis (2,4-pentanedionate), or di-iso-porpoxy titanium acetylacetonate. The acetylactonate ligands confer increased stability to the titanate compared with the titanium alkoxides. It is basic and most cost effective option available among various additives for flexographic and gravure printing ink.

TiO2 Content(%): 16.5 +/- 0.3


Super TAA-75 is used as

  • Printing ink additive to improve adhesion, heat stability and other chemical resistance properties.
  • Cross linking agent for hydroxylic compounds.
  • As a cure catalyst.
  • As a coupling agent for fillers and fibers.