Tetra Iso Propyl titanate (TIPT) (Titanium Iso Propoxide)

TIPT is colorless to clear pale yellow Liquid

TiO2 Content (%): 27.8 to 28.6

Application Areas

  • As a Catalysts:
  • As a Cross linking agent:
  • As a Surface Modifier:
  • Esterification, Trans-esterification reaction & Polymerisation of Epoxys, Phenolics and Silicons.
    Wire enamels, Surface coatings, Printing Inks, Silicon RTV compounds and in Olefin Polymerisation System.
    Adhesion promoter, Wax & Oil additive, and in Scratch resistant glass.


    Tetra ISO Propyl Titanate hydrolyzes rapidly upon exposure to moisture to form TiO2 and Iso propanol. To maintain high quality material

    all contact with air and moisture must be avoided.
    Store in a cool dry area away form heat, sparks and open flame.