Tetra N Butyl Titanate (TNBT)

TNBT is clear pale yellow liquid.

TiO2 Content (%): 23.1 to 23.7

Application Areas

  • As a Catalysts :
  • As a Cross linking agent :
    • Esterification, Trans-esterification reaction & Polymerisation of Epoxys, Phenolics and Silicons.
    • Wire enamels, Surface coatings, Printing Inks, Silicon RTV compounds and in Olefin Polymerisation System.


Tetra N Butyl Titanate hydrolyzes rapidly upon exposure to moisture to form TiO2 and butanol. To maintain high quality material, all contact
with air and moisture must be avoided. Store in a cool dry area away form heat, sparks and open flame.