Urethane FPU -SA35

Urethane FPU – SA35 is non-reactive, chemically inert and semi-aliphatic film forming polyurethane resin (35% Solid) which can be used for manufacturing of Solvent-based PU printing inks without any co-binder. The polymer is readily soluble in Ethyl acetate, ketones, alcohols, esters and aromatic hydrocarbon.

Urethane FPU – SA35 is used in manufacturing of solvent-based PU gravure & flexo printing inks for substrates like polyester and BOPP films.

Key Features

  • Excellent Adhesion to various substrates without adding any additive.
  • High bond strength in variety of laminates.
  • Suitable as sole binder for preparing all colour laminating inks with high dispersion, high gloss and high colour strength without any additive
  • Non-tin and non-TDI based
  • Low solvent retention
  • Suitable for preparing retort inks
  • Excellent printability with higher printing speed.
  • Excellent resoulibility in Ethyl acetate alone and as well as in mix solvents.
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